Commission for Project Management

The Academy was founded in 1996 by the original founders of the Graduate Leadership Society. The founders of our Standards Board are CEOs, Executives, Professors, and Industry experts from around the globe. We desire to raise education standards and ethics in business and management. Our certifications requirements are based on earned degrees and assessments from the best global degree programs. Thus, our standards are unmatched and we confer designations to managers and executives who have earned accredited degree-based education and passed accredited program exams. Prof. Dr. jur. George S Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM, CIPM® – CEO USA – Board of Standards – Lic. Counselor of Law and Notary Public*** (Project Management and Management Consulting Author and Expert) Dr. Salvagni Enrico, Dr Eng – MSEE Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MIEnvSc Chartered Scientist (UK),MIET (UK), IPF ( F) MPM ® , FAAPM ®, CIPM ®, (USA) MI- Membre Individuel des Ingenieurs et Scientifiques de France (Cote d’Azur ), President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices - AAPM ® EU Chapter Vice President of The Association of British Engineers in Italy - Italian Representative- California University FCE – Italian Representative & Design, Technology and Management Society - Contact Dott. Eur Ing Iuzzolini Saverio – Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MSEE (UK),MIET (UK),IPF (F) MPM ® , FAAPM ™, CIPM ®, (USA)Membre des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France de la Côte d’Azur (IESF CA) President International of The Association of British Engineers in Italy Vice-President of AAPM ® Italy EU Offices- AAPM ® EU Chapter Prof. Edward Nieto, Certified LSS Master Black Belt, Certified Knowledge Manager, MPM, CIPM, GAFM Fellow and Globl Advisor. PhD (ABD), M.A. Administrative Management / Business Administration, Master of Science of Law (Juris Scientiae Magister), BSEE. Dr. Amir Dhia, PhD summa cum laude, MA, BA, CCTM, ASMEC - Director General of University of Business and Technology (UBT) Executive Education, Assistant Professor at the UBT College of Business Administration (CBA), MBA Programs, Jeddah, former Dean at INSEEC Management and Communication Schools, former Program Director of INSEEC MBA in Business Diplomacy (Prix de l’Innovation 2015, Eduniversal) and in MBA Marketing and Communication, Paris, Professor at the Center of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS, Paris), Professor of the Year 2009 at the Department of Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations of the University of Paris VI, Jean Monnet College, Legal Translation Expert, Specialist in the Information and Knowledge Society, Accredited SME Consultant (Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants, USA), Chartered Certification in Talent Management (Global Academy of Finance and Management, USA), Distinguished Leadership Development Program Certification (l’École nationale d'administration, ENA, Paris). EU Special Advisor: ING.MAGNANI Jean François - President IPF Of the SRIPF for Paris area Board Member IESF IDF (Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France Région Ile de France) - Administrateur - Board member of IESF IDF (Ingénieur et Scientifiques de France, Région Ile de France) / for the Paris area - Mechanical Engineer /Special mention in fluid dynamics and hydraulicapplications systems-(Fr) - Retired Vice President European Operations of Oilgear USA (Milwaukee-WIS-USA) and JFM CONSULTING (Fr) - IPF certified -Ingénieur Professionnel de France /mechanic and hydraulic-large systems -(SNIPF/Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels deFrance)- MPM certified ( Master Project Management) and CIPM certified (International Project Management- (USA/AAPM Global standards) - HonABEI (Association of British engineers in Italy Honorary Member)- Accademico Onorario dell'Accademia BONIFACIANA (IT)- Médaille de la recherche /Médaille du Progrès (Fr). AAPM ® Academy and Certifications recently featured in Global Industry News such as: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, and more. • Dr. Ruby Chua, EdD, MBA, MPM, PME, CIPM, CCAI - Director of Technology Training Center & Project Management Professional Program. Financial Planner/Analyst, Busines Developer/Advisor, AAPM Global Advisory Board, CEANY - Interim Treasurer CUNY City University New York - Honorary Global Advisory Board Dr. Trinath Sahoo ,PhD, FIE, Master Project Manager ,MPM , General Manager at Indian Oil Corporation ltd, India. Carmelo C. D’Arena, Senior Project Manager – PMP, MPM, HRPM, CIPM, MMC , Masters Operations and Logistics – Honorary Global Advisor AAPM Dr. Michael O’Connor - Honorary Global Advisor USA MN Dr Paul James, CEng Ch.PE RSci – Hon. Global Advisor Dr. J. Hudson Garrett Jr., PhD, MSN, MPH, FNP, PLNC, CSRN, VA-BC – Certified MPM and CIPM trainer and Honorary Global Advisor • Dr. Donald JG Chiarella, PEM, CISM, CDP, CIA, CSM, STAC, ITIL, APGM, APRM, MPM, MBA (Suma Cum Laude), MSTM • CAPT William Combes, U.S. Navy (ret), MPM, Baltic Defence College, Tartu, Estonia Federal GM-13 Regulations Computer Specialist (Retired), State of Maryland G-19 Supervisory DBA, Contractor DB Project Leader, Vice President - CIO, CEO - Chiarella Consulting LLC. • Prof. Mark Reeson, MPM, CIPM, GPM, APM UK, PMI, PMP, MAPM, MAAPM - EU - London England UK - Fellow - Certified Training, Hon. Professor, Global Advisory Council • Mahavir Kishor Saraf, Head of Emerging Technologies & Digitization - PwC Hong Kong, Postgraduate Information Systems Engineering & Computer Science, BEngineering (Mechanical) MCP, MCSD, AgilePMPractioner. • Dr. Henry Oh, PhD, D.Hum (hon.), MBA, MPM, CLC, CBiol. MT(AMT), RRT, FAAPM, FRSB (U.K.), FACSc (U.S.)
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